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Reverse Mortgage

Eliminate Monthly Mortgage Payments*

A reverse mortgage does not require regular payments and if you have an existing mortgage, a reverse can pay it off. That means hundreds or thousands of freed up cash each month! 

Stay in Your Home 

Your home stays in your possession and as long as you maintain the loan requirements, such as paying property taxes and insurance, HOA fees, maintaining the property, and living in the home as your primary residence, you have the safety to stay in your home.

Access Extra Cash

The extra cash you receive is tax free. Your money can be used at your discretion but are commonly used for paying off debt, making home repairs or upgrades, or supplementing monthly income.

Common Questions

Does the bank own my home or do I?+

You do! With a reverse mortgage, the title to the home remains with the borrower. The bank/lender never owns your home.

How much can I borrow?+

Loan proceeds are determined by the youngest borrower’s or non-borrowing spouse’s age, the product type and the corresponding interest rate. To estimate how much you are eligible for, use one of our calculators or request a quote today!

What if I have a mortgage?+

If you have a mortgage and qualify for a reverse mortgage, the reverse mortgage will pay off your existing mortgage and then give you the remaining proceeds. In fact, many of our borrowers use a reverse mortgage for that purpose – to eliminate required monthly mortgage payments.*

*Borrower must pay property taxes, insurance, HOA fees and maintain the property.

Will my children lose their inheritance?+

Your children have options when it comes to your home. Typically the loan is repaid through the sale of the home. Your heirs can choose to sell the home, pay the loan and receive any remaining equity; or, they can purchase/refinance the home, at less than market value, and pay back the loan with a traditional mortgage.

Does a reverse mortgage require monthly payments?+

A reverse mortgage does not require monthly mortgage payments, but it does require you to pay taxes and insurance, any HOA fees, and pay for general upkeep to keep the home in good condition.

What options do I have to access the equity in my home through a reverse mortgage?+

You can access the equity in your home through a lump sum, monthly payments, a line of credit, or a combination of any of these.

Do I stop receiving access to funds if I outlive the equity in my home? +

No, if you outlive the equity in your home, you will continue to receive your scheduled disbursements.

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